Why Choose Young Living?

Purity and Authenticity

Did you know a bottle of essential oil sold in stores only needs to contain 5% essential oil and by law, companies can label it 100% pure essential oil?!  Yes, I know, this sounds crazy to me too and extremely unethical and not to mention dangerous!  In North America alone, only 2% of essential oils sold are suitable for medicinal/therapeutic purposes and Young Living actually makes 98% of them!  The methods that other essential oil companies use destroys the therapeutic quality of the oil and sometimes they even contain chemicals and synthetics.  These oils will have a similar aroma, but could be toxic if used on or in the body.

Below you will see a video of Young Living’s unique, “Seed to Seal,” process.  This process ensures that Young Living Essential Oils are 100% pure and authentic!  Their quality is un-matched!  The founder of Young Living, Gary Young, was asked by the FDA to help set standards for essential oil labeling!  Just that fact alone, supports why Young Living is trustworthy.  In the future, we can only hope labeling regulations for other essential oils will change!

Seed to Seal

Young Living now has a website dedicated to educating everyone about the, “Seed to Seal,” process.
Click here to check it out—> Seed to Seal



1.  http://seedtoseal.com/en

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