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My January “Stayin’ Healthy Box!”

How does my family support our health and wellness?  We enrolled in Young Living Essential Rewards (ER) program to have products delivered to our home every month.  We pick our date and change what we need on a month to month basis.  There are some items we replenish often, there are some new products we throw in there every now and then and sometimes we receive FREE items, because of a promotion or from our ER accrued points.  We started calling this monthly delivery, our “Stayin’ Healthy Box.” 😉

My January “Stayin’ Healthy Box” –


Orange Essential Oil is my FREE gift to all new Wholesale Members who enroll with me and purchase the Premium Starter Kit.  Why Orange?  Well, one sniff of Orange and you will be in love!!!  Orange is my go-to when I don’t particularly like the smell of another oil.  I add a drop of orange and voila!  I think it makes a great addition to the Premium Starter Kit.  So, this month, I am stocking up for all my new members!

What are some other ways to use Orange?

  • In the diffuser for a great pick-me-up or energy boost
  • Having guests?  Put Orange in the diffuser with Lemon essential oil and you will have people telling you your house smells AMAZING!
  • Add a few drops to your wool dryer balls to freshen up the laundry
  • Add a drop or two to a carrier oil and massage on the temples or wrists to inspire creativity
  • Add a few drops to your Thieves Household Cleaner to make your home smell fresh and inviting without the chemical scent


Have you been on the hunt for a perfect carrier oil?  I rarely use any other carrier oil besides V-6.  I personally love the consistency of it and I love that it massages into the skin without leaving any oily residue.  If you are using essential oils, you want and need a good carrier oil!


If you don’t know about Thieves Household Cleaner, it is time for you to get your hands on some!  It is a chemical-free, all-purpose, oil-infused cleaner.  We use this on EVERYTHING!  Check out my blog post – Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils to see how you can make this work for you!  When my little kids see mom cleaning and want to help, they get their own bottle of diluted Thieves to use!  I love that I can feel confident they are using something safe.


Honestly, when I became a member of Young Living, I wasn’t thinking I would use anything, but the essential oils.  My first few months, I researched and soaked in all I could about all the oils they had to offer.  I then realized I could make a complete lifestyle change with these products and everything was oil-infused!  I’ve heard many wonderful things about the Art Skin Care System and I figured I would give it try.  Well, I’m hooked and my skin loves me for it!  This month I needed to replenish my toner.  I use this every night before bed.  It is cooling and refreshing and makes my skin feel so clean!


ALWAYS replenishing this one!  SniffleEase is specifically formulated for kids and LOVED by kids and parents too!  During the winter months, you NEED this one!  We attach a roll-on to the bottle and apply it directly to the sinus area, neck and vita-flex points.  SniffleEase and Thieves work great together!


Young Living threw this one in with my order this month for FREE!  It was a gift for being an ER member.  I have not tried it yet, but I’m looking forward to adding a drop to my morning water or daily NingXia Red shot!

What is on your Young Living wish list?  What are you eager to try this month?

If you have questions about anything, feel free to contact me!  I would love to hear from you!





1.  www.YoungLiving.com


*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read full disclaimer here.‎

My April Essential Rewards!

My monthly Young Living Essential Oils order is here!  It was exciting to see the BIG box printed with the “Seed to Seal” logo on my doorstep.  What’s even better?  Most of this box was FREE!  Click on Essential Rewards to learn more about Young Living’s optional monthly autoship program.  Also, check out my post, “April 2015 Young Living Promotion,” to see what comes FREE with a qualifying order this month.

Check out my April Essential Rewards – FREE FOR APRIL '15


Cardamom essential oil is a new one I am adding to our collection.  It is known for protecting and supporting the stomach and digestive system.*  It also can alleviate occasional fatigue and nervousness.*


Hope is another new essential oil for my family.  I love the oils in this blend.  It has a base of Almond oil, Melissa, Myrrh, Juniper and Spruce.  These oils combined create feelings of strength, joy, positivity, grounding and most importantly, “hope.”


We are stocking up on Lemon essential oil!  We use this in our, “DIY Spring Essential Oil Roll-On,” along with Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.


Patchouli can be found in some of our favorites, such as, Peace & Calming and DiGize essential oil blends and in the Animal Scents Ointment.

Young Living states, Patchouli is sometimes called, “the scent of the sixties,” because of its musky, earthy and exotic aroma.  Its aroma may not appeal to some, but the oil has many benefits many people do not know about.  One benefit is it can soothe dry skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.*  It is also known to support the digestive system and ease nausea.*  See how you can use Patchouli in a diffuser blend for sleep on my post, “8 BEST Diffuser Blends for Sleep!


Thyme is one of the most powerful antioxidants known.*  It supports the immune, respiratory, digestive, nervous and other body systems.*

Thieves Household Cleaner

I ordered the biggest bottle available this month!  We are still trying to rid our house of winter and we are freshening things up for spring and summer.  Thieves Household Cleaner is an ALL-PURPOSE cleaner that is ALL-NATURAL, SAFE, HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and VERY AFFORDABLE. To see how we use Thieves Household Cleaner, check out my post, “Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils!.”

Cinnamint and Lavender Lip Balms

I absolutely LOVE the Young Living Lip Balms.  I am not sure which one is my favorite, because they are all equally wonderful.  If you are looking for an ALL-NATURAL alternative for soothing chapped lips, I would definitely recommend these.*


Lavender was a FREEBIE this month for the, “April 2015 Young Living Promotion.”  You can ALWAYS use a bottle of Lavender!  Some of our favorite uses for this versatile oil are in a bath with Epsom Salts for relaxation and for easing tense muscles, in the diffuser for sleep, to soothe skin and in our, “DIY Spring Essential Oil Roll-On.”*


Wintergreen was another FREEBIE this month for the, “April 2015 Young Living Promotion.”  We have been wanting to try Wintergreen on its own for awhile now and this was a perfect opportunity.  Wintergreen is in PanAway, one of our favorite essential oil blends.  PanAway is in the Everyday Oil Collection in the Premium Starter Kit, because it is something you could literally use everyday.  It is the perfect oil for stressed muscles, joints and ligaments.*  When it is massaged on the location of need with a carrier oil, the soothing benefits of this oil are amazing.*  The Wintergreen combined with Peppermint essential oil are what make the cooling sensation.

Thieves Spray

A 3-pack of Thieves Spray was also a FREEBIE this month for, “April 2015 Young Living Promotion.”  These are great to take on-the-go, especially when traveling.  This spray contains pure grain alcohol, deionized water, Thieves essential oil blend, fractionated coconut oil and soy lecithin.  You can quickly clean just about everything with these little handy bottles!  They are perfect for shopping carts, toilet seats, door handles and more!

Peace & Calming and Valor

I purchased Peace & Calming and Valor this month with my accrued Essential Rewards points.  We were notified these oils were going to be out-of-stock temporarily, so I wanted to stock up!  These 2 oils are some of Young Living’s “top-selling” oils.  Due to weather conditions, the botanicals needed to make these essential oils were not up to Young Living’s high quality standard.  This is one great reason why I love Young Living.  They want to provide only the BEST, so we will wait patiently for a better harvest this year!  If you missed out on grabbing these before they went out-of-stock, there are other great alternatives!  An alternative for Peace & Calming is Gathering essential oil blend and alternatives for Valor are Magnify Your Purpose, Envision and Inspiration essential oil blends.


Copaiba I also added on to my Essential Rewards points order.  Copaiba is best known for supporting the body’s natural response to injury or irritation.*  It can also help support the digestive system.*

This sums up my April Essential Rewards order!  It was a BIG one this month!  If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, send me a message by clicking on, contact me.

Thank you!




1.  www.YoungLiving.com

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read full disclaimer here.‎