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My May Essential Rewards!

My Young Living May Essential Rewards order arrived!  I receive Young Living every month with this optional auto-ship program and it is amazing!  You can change it every month, schedule when it arrives and earn points for FREE product!  Click on “Essential Rewards” for more information.  This month I had a smaller order and I just needed to replenish some of our favorites.  I did order 2 new ones that I am excited to try!  Check it out below!

MAY ER '15

What are some of our favorites?

R.C., Thieves and Peppermint are essential oils we order often.  Thieves and Peppermint we typically use everyday (hence, why they are included in the “Everyday Oil” collection.)  See more of the “Everyday Oils” on my order oils page.

R.C. is perfect rubbed with a carrier oil onto the bottom of the feet or chest for respiratory support or comfort.*  We find this handy in the springtime!  What makes it so effective?  It is made up of a unique combination of oils including, Cypress, Spruce, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata and Eucalyptus Citriodora.

Some of our favorite uses for Thieves are for immune system support and for our spring cleaning.*  Check out my blog post, “Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils.”

I’m not sure who uses Peppermint more in our house?  We love using Peppermint for supporting normal digestion.*

What new oils did I order this month?

Cypress essential oil provides comfort during season changes.*  It can be rubbed with a carrier oil onto the chest for healthy lung function.*  As you may have noticed, it is one of the oils in the  R.C. blend.  Some other uses for Cypress include:  skin support and restoring feelings of security and stability.*

Breathe Again essential oil blend has been on my list of oils to purchase for a long time and I finally ordered it this month.  You can pretty much figure out what this oil is used for by the name.  This blend of Eucalyptus Staigeriana, Eucalyptus Globulus, Eucalyptus Radiata, Eucalyptus Blue, Peppermint, Myrtle and Copaiba is specifically formulated for supporting respiratory health.*  It is  made in a convenient, ready to use roll-on for carrying on-the-go in a purse, bag or pocket.

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1.  www.YoungLiving.com

2.  Young Living Product Information Pages

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read full disclaimer here.‎

How to SAVE Money with Essential Oils

Most people who want to begin their essential oil journey are often discouraged when they see how much they cost.  It took me 1 year to make the investment, because I was worried about paying $150 for my Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  Now that I have been using Young Living for quite some time, I now understand how much I am actually saving by using the oils for my family’s health, for our housekeeping, DIY homemade items and much, much more!  Here I will explain how you can SAVE money with essential oils too!


Why are some essential oils cheap and others more expensive?

If you’ve been exploring online or have been to natural health stores, I’m sure you have seen the varying brands and prices of essential oils.  Why are some more expensive than others?  It is all about one word – QUALITY.  Many oils on the market tend to be perfume or cosmetic grade.  These oils can be dangerous and toxic with no benefits for your health.  Young Living oils are guaranteed 100% pure, therapeutic or medicinal grade.  This may mean more expensive, but your health will not be compromised and you will reap the full benefits of the essential oil.  After researching different companies, I came to the conclusion that Young Living was the BEST for my family.  Their commitment to quality is all in their “Seed to Seal” process.  If the opportunity arises, you can actually visit their headquarters to see the whole unique process for yourself!  So neat!  See the “Seed to Seal” graphic below for more information.

Seed to seal website

Click on, “Why Choose Young Living?” for more details.

How you can start saving money!

As I mentioned above, it took me 1 year to take the plunge and purchase the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  Why was I set on purchasing the kit?  Why didn’t I just order a few oils to get started?  First and foremost, the Premium Starter Kit is the BEST value.  Young Living offers this kit at less than half of its retail price, because they want you to have the perfect introduction to essential oils.  The kit offers everything you need to truly experience the benefits of essential oils.  It includes 10 Everyday Oils, Citrus Fresh oil blend, a Home Diffuser, a roller fitment, samples and informational packets.  Also, as an additional bonus, I send a FREE gift to new members who enroll with a Premium Starter Kit.  Last but not least, after you purchase a kit, you are considered a Wholesale Member.  You then will receive 24% off of all product purchases with reduced shipping.  There is no obligation to “sell” or do anything else.  You can just enjoy the lower prices!  Click on order oils for more information.

How you can continue saving!

Once you are a member of Young Living there are a few important and fun facts to know before you start using your essential oils.

  1. A 5 ml bottle contains approximately 80 drops of oil and a 15 ml bottle has approximately 250 drops.
  2. Most of the time, 1-2 drops is all you need!  See the “price per drop” in the graphic above.  This helps to visualize how these oils are really “pocket change!”
  3. Dilute, dilute, dilute.  Follow Young Living’s dilution ratios and always read your bottle labels to see the recommendations.  As I said, 1 drop is all you need and this alone proves the power of these oils.   It’s important to dilute for safety, but also it actually makes your oils last much longer!  It spreads them out over a larger area and allows you to use less essential oil.
  4. Young Living Essential Oils do not have an expiration date.  If they are properly stored, they will last forever.  To see where I keep mine, click on, “How Do I Store My Essential Oils?”  I am positive you could go through your cabinet at home and find many over-the-counter products with expiration dates.

How have I saved?

Since I began my journey with Young Living Essential Oils, these are some examples of how I have saved!

  1. I am a Young Living Wholesale Member, so every time I order, I receive 24% off of each item with reduced shipping.
  2. I dilute all my oils when using them topically or as dietary supplements.
  3. My family and I are healthier.  Healthier means less western medicine practices and over-the-counter products.
  4. I have fun experimenting and creating my own DIY items with essential oils which take the place for many household and beauty items.  For example, check out my post, “Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils,” or, “Homemade Air Freshener with Essential Oils.”  Some other DIY items include – perfume/cologne, deodorant and lotion.
  5. We stopped buying candles!  Instead of candles we use our home diffuser to freshen up a room, to provide immune support and much more!  Did you know the Young Living Home Diffuser can cover approximately 1000 square feet?  The aroma is very pleasant, but more importantly, diffusing Young Living essential oils have health benefits candles cannot provide.

Do you see how you can save too?

Introducing Young Living Essential Oils into your life can feel like an adjustment and may seem overwhelming.  Once you get started it becomes easier to understand and you will gradually become more comfortable.  This is why I cannot emphasize enough the importance of starting with the Premium Starter Kit.  The kit plus the book makes learning very easy and fun!  Also, I am part of an awesome group called “Oil Moxie” where oil resources and support are at your fingertips.  You will be included in “Oil Moxie” if you begin your oil journey with me.  You will see in no time how Young Living Essentials Oils will change your life!  From remedies for supporting your health and wellness to DIY household products, the uses and benefits for these oils are endless.  When you breakdown the “price per drop” you can see just how affordable essential oils are and you will eventually see how they are worth every penny.  🙂

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  For more information on enrolling, click on order oils or send me an email and I will respond back from our “Oil Moxie” website.

Thank you!




1.  www.YoungLiving.com

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read full disclaimer here.‎

Join the Club – Oil Moxie!


What is Oil Moxie?

This is an exclusive FREE club you will be invited to when you sign-up to become a Young Living Wholesale Member with me.  I work with a really fabulous team that worked very hard to create a user-friendly, resourceful website specifically for the members in our downline (our team).  What is this website?  It is a place where you can get connected to resources that will aid you on your oil journey!  Whether you are new to oils, seasoned or making Young Living a business, Oil Moxie will provide you with what you need to be successful!

Here is a taste of what you can find on Oil Moxie –

– How to use your Premium Starter Kit
– Oil usage and safety tips
– Helpful resources
– Essential Oils 101 Class
– Ordering
– Essential Rewards Program
– Making Young Living a business
– And more!

Oil Moxie is continually growing and adding to their website!

How do you join Oil Moxie?

All you need to do is enroll as a Young Living wholesale member with me and you’ll automatically be part of the club!  Are you ready to Oil Moxie (be-in-the-know)?  Enroll on my order oils page OR…..

Click the button below to order!




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Products and techniques mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read full disclaimer here.‎