Premium Starter Kit Diffuser Options

Did you know as of June 2015, you can now choose your essential oil diffuser in the Premium Starter Kit?  For more information on this new kit, click on, “Young Living’s New US Premium Starter Kit!

Check out the new diffuser options – 

Young Living Diffuser Options

In the above graphic, you can see the name of each diffuser along with an image and a short description.  You will also see the area of room each one covers, the duration it runs, the size of the machine and weight, the amount it holds, the sound frequency, additional added features and the cost.  To see even more diffusers Young Living offers, click on “Diffuser Comparison Chart.”

I personally love the Home Diffuser and the Dewdrop Diffuser.  I do not have experience with the Bamboo or the Aria Ultrasonic.  I have been eyeing the Aria Ultrasonic for awhile, because I love the design and the additional features, which are the remote control and the music option.  I’m hoping to add that one to my collection at some point in the near future.  Once you own 1 diffuser, you will want one for every room and maybe even a portable one for traveling or at the office.  Diffusing is my absolute favorite way to use the oils!

If you already own a Premium Starter Kit and are interested in purchasing another diffuser, you can most certainly do that too!  As you may know, once you purchase the kit, you are considered a Wholesale Member and everything you buy after that will be 24% off of the retail cost with reduced shipping.

How do you order the Premium Starter Kit and select a diffuser?

Go to my “order oils” page, scroll down and select the button, “click to enroll.”  Once you click that button, you will be taken to Young Living’s website where you will order.  Make sure Wholesale Member is selected and then pick your kit and your diffuser!  If you need more help with the process, I have a short video on my “order oils” page.

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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