Oil Usage and Safety Tips

Ways to Use Essential Oils

This is the fastest way for an essential oil to enter the body.  You can inhale the oil aroma directly from the bottle, in a bowl with lukewarm water and on a washcloth, tissue or a cotton ball placed into cupped hands.  The best way to use the oils aromatically is through the vapor or mist from a diffuser.  That’s why the Premium Starter Kit includes a home diffuser!

Essential oils can be applied to your skin and hair by direct application or by a massage and bath.  The second fastest way for the oils to enter the body is through the bottom of the feet.  If applying topically, you can also use a warm compress to drive the oils into the body faster.  The bottle labels will tell you which oils they recommend to be, “neat,” meaning undiluted and which should be diluted with a carrier oil.  Young Living offers a great carrier oil, called, “V-6,” or you can use organic coconut, jojoba or olive oil.

Young Living Essential Oils are 100% therapeutic/medicinal grade oils and because of this many of the oils can be taken internally as a dietary supplement.  Always read the bottle for the recommendations.  Drops of oil can be added to your food or beverage, under the tongue or in a vegetable capsule.

Oil Safety Guidelines

Do not try to remove oils with water.  If you use water, the oils will drive deeper into the body.  Essential oils are not water-soluble, they are oil-soluble.  If your skin is sensitive to an oil, apply more of a carrier oil and remember to dilute the oil next time.

Please check to see if you are using a photosensitive oil prior to sun exposure or UV rays.  Most of the citrus oils are photosensitive and some are in the oils blends as well.  If you are exposed to sunlight or UV rays, you may notice skin pigmentation, burning or a rash.

Caution is advised for certain oils during pregnancy.  Some of the oils which contain hormone-like properties are clary sage, sage and fennel.  Although caution is advised, no adverse reactions have been reported in women who have used these oils during pregnancy.

Most oils should be diluted for infants and small children.  Dilute 1-2 drops of essential oil with 1/2 – 1 tsp. of a carrier oil. In the bath, always use a bath gel base for dispersing the oils.

Never apply an oil directly into your eye or into your ear canal.  Oils can be used around these areas, but never inside them.  Sometimes you may feel a burning sensation when an oil is too close to your eyes, in that case, you can use a carrier oil or wait it out. It will not damage the eye.

Particular care should be taken when using some stronger oils.  Some oils are considered, “hot,” which means they should be diluted with a carrier oil before use.  Examples of these oils are: cinnamon bark, lemongrass, oregano and thyme.

Less is more when using essential oils.  One drop of oil can reach every cell in our bodies.  Since the oils are very potent, always start with 1-3 drops and dilute if need be or use a warm compress to drive the oils in quicker.  It doesn’t take much to see the effectiveness of these oils.

If you are feeling discomfort from an oil, stop applying for a short time or dilute it.  If you experience this, it’s because your body is detoxing from heavy metals, chemicals, poisons, parasites and mucus from your system.  By diluting and using less oil for the time being, your body has a chance to catch-up with the detoxifying process.

Use caution when diffusing cinnamon bark essential oil.  If you put the diffuser too close to your nose, it can burn your nostrils.

Always keep your oils in a cool, dark place away from temperatures near 90 degrees.  If you store them properly, they will maintain their potency for many years.

Essential oil is known to dissolve plastics and paint.  Do not use plastic cups or drop oil near painted surfaces.

When traveling by air, always have your oils hand-checked.  The x-ray machines may interfere with the oil properties.


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